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Ultrasonic cleaning basket

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Ultrasonic cleaning basket is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine optional device, its material is made of SUS304, some manufacturers in order to save costs, choose stainless steel 202 or other more substitutes in the material, so it is likely to be quickly corroded in the cleaning fluid, or in the cavitation of ultrasonic cleaning machine life is very short. Ultrasonic cleaning basket can be made into various styles, stainless steel wire mesh density can be according to the structure of the product design and production, the transducer for ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic sine wave height 100 mm distance effect is good, so the design of the ultrasonic cleaning basket completely joint requirements, not directly close to the bottom, because of the dense mesh can severely block ultrasonic launch, It is best to take expert advice when making.

Specialized in serving all kinds of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning machine dedicated cleaning basket, all kinds of sizes on top, net frame, net, net, article mainly for stainless steel and stainless steel wire mesh, surface polishing treatment, high smoothness, modelling beautiful generous, it is mainly used for ultrasonic cleaning machine with a built-in, convenient in operation workers.