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Kirschner box for medical use

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Medical Kirschner needle box is designed for bone Kirschner needle cleaning. Packaging. Sterilization integrated use. Kirschner wire is a commonly used internal fixation material for patients with surgical fracture. Compared with the traditional medical Kirschner wire box, various types of Kirschner wire are mixed together and the storage method of double-layer wrapping is autoclavized, which avoids the sharp end of Kirschner wire easily puncturing the preputial and causing pollution and affecting the use. The Kirschner wire box developed by us has a satisfactory clinical application effect.

1. Material and manufacture of medical Kirschner wire box. The Kirschner wire storage box is made of stainless steel or aluminum. It is a rectangular box 32 cm long, 24 cm wide and 6 cm high. The box can be evenly divided into 8 small boxes in width

Put different types of Kirschner needles), two sides and the lid of the hole for sterilization.

2, the advantages of medical Kirschner needle box. The use of various models is clear at a glance, postoperative supplement is also very convenient, improve the work efficiency of nurses, but also can effectively prevent the sharp end of the Kirschner wire puncturing the foreskin caused by stain

Dyeing, and the production method is relatively simple.