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Instrument baskets Side Perforated

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The Instrument baskets Side Perforated is a professional manufacturer, the cleaning basket is of high quality, the cleaning basket is of high price, and the cleaning basket is of excellent protection. It is mainly used for the cleaning of hemostatic forceps, forceps, cutters, dental molds, dentures, injection needles, test tubes, glass sheets, glass tubes, dressing bowls, various dishes, cylinders and so on in the department of stomatology, ophthalmology, laboratories and other departments. Especially the articles with blind holes and concave and convex grooves have excellent cleaning effect. Sterilization equipment for clothing, dressings, instruments, tools, utensils, laboratory waste, animal carcasses and other items, is widely used in hospital supply room, operating room, pharmaceutical factory and laboratory to sterilize items. For example, cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments, minimally invasive instruments, respiratory and anesthesia pipes, laboratory utensils, dental mobile phones and instruments, baby supplies and general medical supplies.