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          Anping Hangtai Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in China's wire mesh production base - Anping County, Hebei Province.In the field of stainless steel products and wire welding and forming fine plowing for more than ten years, and constantly bring forth the new through the old, rich experience, exquisite workmanship, and become a local enterprise with relatively large scale and strength.

           Our factory specializes in the production of commercial catering and medical two fields, the commercial catering field mainly produces commercial kitchen accessories: gourmet container, container accessories, grid, pottery basket, etc;Medical field produces baskets and containers: the operating room, supply room, medical equipment, surgical instruments, equipment cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of cavity mirrors, packaging, storage and transportation equipment disinfection box, basket, a basket with netting on top, tray, basket, basket, framework and other manufactured goods, loading forms main products are stainless steel basket, wire mesh type basket basket, side punching loading, whole punching carrying baskets;Cleaning basket, standard sterilization basket, endoscopic instrument disinfection box, instrument packing basket, instrument basket tray, DIN instrument tray, medical basket net basket, disinfection basket, sterilization box, disinfection box card silica gel, medical silica gel pad, precision basket, dense mesh basket, ultrasonic cleaning basket,Storage and transportation net basket, ultrasonic cleaning basket, instrument string, hand-washing disinfectant hanging basket, humidification bottle cleaning rack, dish cleaning rack and experiment sterilization pot basket, tissue culture basket, flask test tube rack, etc.The series of loading basket products have come out one after another, which greatly facilitates the storage and disinfection of surgical instruments, and brings all-round protection to surgical instruments.Achievement of commercial catering, medical, pharmaceutical, biological experiment, hospital infection control, hospital supply room, disinfection center, oscope disinfection workstation and other cleaning, disinfection, sterilization industry cleaning and disinfection of a new beginning.To accept drawings and samples processing.