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The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning basket

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When cleaning small parts, often use the net basket, because the mesh to cause ultrasonic attenuation, to pay special attention to. When the frequency is 28KHz, it is better to use more than 10mm mesh. Cleaning fluid temperature

The most suitable cleaning temperature of water cleaning liquid is 40-60℃. Especially in cold weather, if the temperature of cleaning liquid is low and the cavitation effect is poor, the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, some cleaning machines are wrapped around the heating electric wire outside the cleaning cylinder for temperature control. When the temperature rises, cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect is better. When the temperature of washing machinery continues to rise, the gas pressure in the cavity increases, causing the impact sound pressure to drop, and the effect will be weakened. The organic solvent cleaning fluid should be cleaned at a temperature close to the boiling point. The amount of cleaning fluid and the location of the cleaning parts are determined

Generally, the cleaning liquid level is more than 100mm higher than the vibrator surface. Because the single-frequency cleaning machine is affected by the standing wave field, the amplitude at the node is very small, and the amplitude at the amplitude is large, resulting in uneven cleaning. Therefore, the best choice of cleaning items should be placed in the amplitude.