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Surgical instruments loaded in baskets

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Discussion on cleaning, disinfection and management of surgical instruments loaded in baskets in disinfection supply center

With the development of modern hospital management, the disinfection supply center plays a pivotal role in the hospital work chain, which is responsible for the use of baskets to load, store and transport medical instruments for cleaning, packaging, disinfection and supply. This paper focuses on the study and discussion of the use of baskets or perforated plates to load different surgical instruments for cleaning and disinfection in the disinfection supply center and the discussion of management methods, so as to improve the quality of cleaning and disinfection, ensure the sterilization effect of surgical instruments, and prevent and control nosocomial infection.

1. Recycling equipment of time attention check amount and type of instrument, the classifying equipment at the same time, according to the different processing methods, first of all, there will be no specific infection, no obvious blood and no obvious rust stains basin, bowl, plate, light put, disinfection tank and medicine cups easy cleaning surgical instruments in the basket in the equipped with 1:27 0 (multiple enzymes: The cleaning time is 5-10 minutes, the cleaning temperature is about 35℃, and the cleaning frequency is 40KHz. When cleaning, ensure that all surgical instruments are immersed under the liquid level, and cover the top cover of the ultrasonic machine to seal the ultrasonic, to prevent the aerosol from spilling into the air.

2. Electric knife lines and electric manual scrub with the brush of the cutting tools, attractor and metal catheter with bureaucratic head of surgical instruments with often water loaded in perforated basket first high-pressure spray on them, and then into how enzyme liquid soaking box soaking for about 5 minutes, and then use size appropriate long soft hair brush scrub lumen, after cleaning to no blood, no dirt in the ultrasonic machine wash for 5-10 minutes, Rinse inside and outside thoroughly with pure water high pressure water gun, and finally blow dry tube cavity with pressure air gun.

3 with cardo and teeth instruments, such as scissors, vascular clamp, a needle detector, etc., with the u-shaped string instrument will open all coupling submerged in the fluid of the multiple enzymes for about 5 minutes, with a soft brush and brush away the blood and dirt, and then in a special basket in automatic cleaning sterilizer, spray type cleaning to remove all instruments to remove grouping and then into the cleaning basket, The apparatus with simple structure and no obvious dirt can be directly loaded into the basket, washed under flowing water and then put into the automatic spray type cleaning and disinfector for cleaning.

4 automatic spray type cleaning sterilizer operating procedures No special instruments of infection generally choose surgical instruments cleaning procedures, all the process need about 60 minutes, the selected program set up is completed, then washing machine will be done automatically by the program preflush, main wash, rinse, disinfection, drying process, and automatic pump into the enzyme cleaner, bleaching pure polish, The operation procedure of automatic spray cleaning disinfector is to carry out flow cleaning by the action of mechanical force. The flow of liquid promotes the effect of cleaning fluid on the surface dirt of the instrument, improves the speed of the dirt being dissolved, the efficiency of emulsification and dispersion, and speeds up the cleaning process and improves the washing effect by the pressure, impact force and friction force.

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The quality control of cleaning and disinfection is an important link to ensure the success of sterilization. Any residual blood clot, mucus, pus, protein, etc., will prevent the effective contact between disinfection and sterilization factors and microorganisms, form the protective film of bacteria or buds, and affect the sterilization effect. According to the material, structure and pollution degree of the pollution equipment, choose the appropriate and effective cleaning method is the guarantee of thorough cleaning. The multi-enzyme cleaning agent can effectively release and remove the protein, mucopolysaccharide, fat and carbohydrate attached to the instrument, so that the amount of organic matter and microorganisms remaining on the instrument can be reduced to the minimum as far as possible, so as to quickly dispose of the blood and body fluid contaminated on the instrument. The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to convert the high frequency sound wave into mechanical vibration, so that the dirt attached to the instrument is loose. The mechanical cleaning agent torrent produced by the automatic spray cleaning disinfectant has the function of continuous pressure washing, and the rotary arm spray washing can thoroughly clean the dirt on the surface of the instrument. Floating clean polish effect is to prevent the chemical agent and contaminant residues on the surface equipment, mineral water and accelerate instrument surface drying and prevent precipitation caused by scale, suitable for manual cleaning, spray and super living machines, automatic washing machine to clean the last line of program automatic pumping when flushing, effectively help the combination of water and pollutants, convenient residue excluded and maintenance equipment.

Any residual on the surgical instruments will hinder the effective contact between microorganisms and sterilization gas and affect the sterilization effect, so the thorough cleaning of the instruments is the key to ensure the success of sterilization. The cleaning and disinfection of different surgical instruments and the effective management methods in the disinfection supply center can improve the cleaning quality and ensure the sterilization effect, which plays an important role in the prevention and control of nosocomial infection.