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Disinfection box for laparoscopic instruments

2021-7-4 16:42:53      点击:

Endoscopic instruments are precise, complex and expensive. In order to make full use of resources and improve the utilization rate, it is particularly important to choose a fast and safe disinfection box and disinfection cleaning method for laparoscopic instruments. At present, manual disinfection and machine disinfection are mostly used, and machine disinfection is relatively reliable. Through the comparison of three different disinfection methods of laparoscopic instruments, the sterilization effect of the three methods is safe and reliable. In addition, in the disinfection room, 10 h of glutaraldehyde immersion method and 6 h of glutaraldehyde cryogenic fumigation method were shortened to 0.5 h of medical endoscopic sterilization box and medical endoscopic sterilizer disinfection method, which improved the utilization rate of laparoscopic instruments. In addition, there was residue of glutaraldehyde disinfectant in both glutaraldehyde immersion method and glutaraldehyde cryogenic fumigation method. It is not easy to wash thoroughly. If there is glutaraldehyde residual on the instrument, it will irritate the skin and mucous membrane of human body and cause slight irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract of the operator during operation. Medical endoscope sterilization box and medical endoscope sterilizer takes 30 min disinfection disinfection processing, improve the precision of expensive medical equipment use and breakdown products for oxygen and acetic acid, non-toxic, and sterilization cycle is short, sterilization and flushing once completed, sterilization agent residue, on the environment pollution-free, non-corrosive effect of laparoscopic devices and consumables, relative economic can reduce costs, It is suitable for the sterilization requirements of laparoscopy in clinic. Therefore, it is considered that the sterilization method of medical endoscope sterilizer and sterilizer is a practical, economical, safe and effective disinfection method.