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Endoscopic surgical instruments

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Application of hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer in disinfection of endoscopic surgical instruments

With the rapid development of surgical technology, the number of operations using endoscopic technology has increased rapidly, resulting in an increase in the utilization rate of different types of endoscopic instruments and various equipment. Due to the high cost of equipment, it is not suitable to purchase in quantity. In the case of increasing endoscopic surgery, it is necessary to accelerate the turnover speed of surgical instruments. The traditional disinfection methods of high-temperature endoscopy mainly use ethylene oxide and glutaraldehyde immersion method to conduct disinfection. A hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer was purchased in our hospital in 2006. After more than one year of use, it has been proved to be an efficient, fast, safe and non-toxic disinfection equipment, which has low damage to instruments, improved the use efficiency of endoscopic instruments and effectively increased the number of endoscopic surgeries.

1 The role of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant that sterilizes cells by oxidizing key components. After sterilization, the products are water and oxygen, which are non-toxic and harmless to human body. Plasma sterilization technology is a sterilization technology emerged in recent years, plasma is low density ionized gas cloud, the generation of plasma is some medium gas molecules or other vaporized substances under the action of strong magnetic field to form a gas corona discharge, ionized gas produced. It is characterized by rapid action, reliable sterilization, low action temperature, clean and non-toxic residue. Because it is a kind of environmental protection equipment, it can be set up in the operating room for disinfection, thus reducing the time consumed in the transportation process and the damage to the instrument, and improving the efficiency of the operation.

Low temperature plasma sterilizer to sterilize the selection of items and packaging materials

2.1 Ensure that the instruments are clean and dry. First, clean the instrument box of the dry endoscope. First, initially clean the instrument box with flowing water to remove blood, mucus and other residues. Then soak it in cleaning enzyme for 10 min, clean each part with soft brush, and then wash it with ultrasonic for 10 min. Secondly, drying: wipe the surface with a towel, flush the water in the lumen with a high-pressure air gun or place a drying oven in the endoscopic instrument box for drying. After cleaning in this way, the dirt on the surface of the instrument can be completely removed to ensure that the instrument is clean and dry. Achieve good sterilization effect.

2.2 Selection of Sterilized Items Hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer cannot disinfect paper, oil, cloth, powder, water and wood materials, so it is necessary to check whether there are incompatible substances in the disinfection equipment before disinfection, so as to avoid termination of the disinfection process and damage to the disinfection items.

3. Specialized person management

3.1 Instrument Management The low-temperature plasma sterilizer is a precision instrument that requires trained professionals to operate, monitor and maintain it on a regular basis. Set up instrument use file for management. Biological monitoring, chemical monitoring and sterilization flow chart monitoring of disinfected items. Registered and ready for inquiry.

3.2 Management of Disinfection Items In order to ensure good performance and qualified disinfection effect of low-temperature disinfected items, it is required to be managed by a special person. The condition and disinfection of the instruments should be registered to avoid damage to the instruments or unqualified disinfection during cleaning and disinfection, which may affect the operation.

4. Place the goods counter after sterilization

Endoscopic instruments disinfected at low temperature are all expensive medical instruments with less reserve, so more careful care is required. After disinfection, items should be placed separately in the counter to ensure sterilization, drying, avoiding squeezing and regular inspection.

The comparison of sterilization time between hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer and traditional method

Hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma sterilizer has a strong advantage in the time of sterilization. In the case of small and medium-sized endoscopic surgery, each operation is 2.5 hours, and the same set of endoscopic instruments can be sterilized with low temperature plasma to increase the number of two operations per day.

6. Storage time

Hydrogen peroxide can be stored for 3~6 months after low temperature plasma disinfection, ethylene oxide can be stored for 6 months after disinfection, glutaraldehyde can be used in the bubble. Therefore, low temperature plasma and ethylene oxide disinfection can ensure a longer period of terminal disinfection items. Available at your disposal in case of emergency.

7 discuss

(1) The sterilization effect and detection method of hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer are convenient and effective. After more than one year of clinical application, no surgical infection caused by unqualified disinfection has occurred. (2) It is an efficient and rapid clinical sterilization method, which can complete the disinfection of instruments in a relatively short time, improve the utilization rate of surgical instruments and increase the number of surgical cases per unit time. (3) Hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer is simple and safe to operate. Power supply only, without the need for drainage pipes, ventilation equipment, drainage equipment. The whole sterilization process is fully automated. Hydrogen peroxide cartridge is convenient to use, the operator does not need to contact hydrogen peroxide, and the final exclusions are oxygen and water, which can ensure environmental protection and safety.