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sterilization basket

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Sterilization basket and tray can disinfect all the equipment system configuration. The convenience and variety of the products can provide you with safe and controllable disinfection of instruments. With our disinfection basket and tray, equipment storage and transportation can be very perfect. Stainless steel and aluminum disinfection basket and tray meet the requirements of national standards. Due to our wide product range, it is not a problem to require changes or adjustments. The ultrafine perforated side plate (2mm) ensures a permeability of more than 40% for excellent cleaning and disinfection. Ultra-thin perforated side panels prevent damage from sharp and/or fine instruments and avoid damage to the instruments. The top edge of the disinfection basket is made up of high quality steel wire welded by plasma. This finishing can ensure simple cleaning, thus ensuring the hygienic condition of the disinfection basket. The disinfection basket is made of INOX AISI 304L stainless steel and finished with electropolishing. The composition of the materials used has been confirmed by cutting-edge inspection technology. The design of the disinfection basket has eliminated the concave form, because it is easy to accumulate dirt. The disinfection basket is free of welding burr, opening, wire distortion and discoloration of welding points.