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Instrument baskets with Wire Mesh Lids

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Instrument baskets with Wire Mesh Lids/Stainless Steel Instrument Trays

Product information:Stainless steel instrument trays are the most efficient method for washing and sterilizing surgical instruments.Our instrument trays are the ¡¯complete cycle tray¡¯able to be used for washing and sterilizing processes.Designed to fit on most sterilisation trays. Designed to withstand decontamination and steam sterilisation processes. Designed for distance reading within metallic environment. Large space for hand writing or to stick a label. Designed to last throughout the service life of your tray. Designed for easy fix with special silicone stopper, tie wrap or other.
* Increase department efficiency.

* Decrease drying times.

* Welded stainless steel construction.

* Lockable.

*Specifications can be customized.

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