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The enterprise culture

The foundation of the enterprise: God rewards those who work hard, business reward letter, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development.

Quality policy: the whole process of quality control, program operation, zero quality defect.

Quality is a composite index of both products and services, which is determined by raw material procurement, new product development, technological innovation, process route, production process, quality inspection and other links.That is to say, the above multiple aspects may individually or collectively become the source of product quality defects.

For this reason, in the production process, AirPacific strictly carries out quality inspection and control on all aspects of product quality, and sets specific and detailed control standards and specifications for each aspect.Only the products that fully meet the standards in the previous link can continue to the next link for production, while the semi-finished products that do not meet the quality standards should be returned to the last link for adjustment and improvement until the production reaches the standard. This is the so-called procedural operation and whole-process quality control.AirPacific insists on strict control in all aspects and truly achieves zero tolerance for quality problems and zero defects.

Quality lies in leading technology Quality lies in raw material quality Quality lies in the production of fine Quality lies in the standard strict control